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We typically assist our clients in determining how much their businesses are worth and how to proceed, when they face the following challenges:

"I do not have a successor and/or must/want to sell my business"

"Another firm or a private equity fund approached us willing to buy or invest in my business"

"I have been invited to combine my business with another firm and form a joint venture: 

- Does the proposed rationale of the JV make sense?

- What would be my equity participation in the JV?

- What should be fair terms and conditions to regulate the relationship among the shareholders of this new     venture?"

"I want to expand my business through the acquisition of another company:

- How much is the other business worth?

- Should I decide to acquire a participation in the other firm, what would be fair terms and conditions of a         shareholder's agreement?

- What is the best way to finance the acquisition?"

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